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2009 Winners

Poetry Rivals poetry competition offers some great prizes for the winners. Below you can see the previous winners. Prizes for previous years have been a publishing contract for the over 18s and a laptop for the under 18s. This year, the prizes for the best poetry are bigger and better!

Over 18s Poetry Prizes
1st Prize - A publishing contract or £1,000
2nd Prize - £100
3rd Prize - £50

Under 18s Poetry Prizes
The under 18s will be split into two categories, each winner will receive a laptop computer as a prize.

Enter Poetry Rivals 2011 to be in with a chance of winning these great poetry prizes. 

Under 18s Winner

Cleo Henry (Aged 14), wins a laptop with her poem 'Child Snatcher'.

Read Child Snatcher now.

Under 18s Runners Up

Rachel Gaffney & Beth Cortese both win their very own copy of ‘I Eat Squirrels – Poetry For Kids’ by A F Harrold.

Over 18s Winners

Andrew Barber, wins a publishing contract with his poem 'The Money God'